Orkusyn ehf.

The owner and CEO of Orkusyn is Sigurður Kristinsson, Marine Engineer. For the past 15 years, Sigurður has worked in the energy industry, mostly focusing on the construction and operation of geothermal power plants, thus he has extensive experience in this area. Sigurður worked as a Marine Engineer in the control center and in the geothermal power plants owned by Orkuveita Reykjavíkur(Reykjavik Energy) OR (ON) from 2003-2012. For the past seven years, he was a project manager for Green Energy Geothermal (GEG), where they constructed small geothermal power plants in Kenya and Iceland, totalling 90 MW. They also built substations sized 11/132 kV 45 MVA and 11/220 kV 85 MVA.

The project experience is very diverse. Contracting with subcontractors, communication with clients and project financial responsibility. Supervision of employees, ranging from earth works to operating the power plants. During Peak time in Kenya Sigurður was supervising 14 Icelandic employees and roughly 160 Kenyans working on the power plant construction. Once the power plants were handed over to the client, Sigurður has served as a consultant to the client regarding maintenance and operation.

Orkusyn ehf., has a good network with engineers and other contractors. The company can take on diverse projects ranging from small to large. In larger projects, Orkusyn takes care of project management, but the project is worked in collaboration with other companies where their expertise plays a big role.