The Geothermal Energy Exhibition

The Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Hellisheiði Power Plant is a state-of-the-art look into the utilization of geothermal energy in Iceland. The Hellisheiði Power Plant, owned by Reykjavik Energy, is a striking example of how geothermal energy can be utilized in a sustainable manner and is a showcase for geothermal’s global role in a renewable and sustainable future.

Experienced guides are on-hand to provide informative presentations and lectures backed by multimedia exhibitions about geothermal energy as a global energy source.  A short film, The Origin of Geothermal Energy, is available in Icelandic, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Opening hours:

Every day from 09:00-17:00

Except the following days:

December 25 & January 1: Closed

December 24, December 26 & December 31: 09:00-12:00


900 ISK - per person

Under 16 - free   (not in organized groups)

Special rates for groups (10 persons or more)

For rates outside normal opening hours, contact JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Advance bookings for groups ensures better service.  Contact JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


Two companies offering day-tours visit the Geothermal Energy Exhibition:



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We here at Hellisheiðarvirkjun are proud to present three Icelandic artists that will be showing their works at our exhibition this summer.

Finnbogi Gretar Kristjánsson

Finnbogi started painting at an early age and attended private classes with well-known Icelandic painters. Through the years his style has changed from landscapes (which he still paints occasionally) to contemporary.


Karin Esther

Karin started working with glass out of pure curiosity for this fascinating material. She focuses mainly on making small sculptures related to Icelandic nature and jewellery in which she combines her glass with natural materials like volcanic ash or obsidian. She has followed private classes in the Netherlands and developed her own style through the years.


Jón Adolf Steinolfsson

Jón started on Wood Carving in his early twenties and studied under master carvers from around the world. His formal studies brought him to Switzerland, England, and Italy where he started working in stone.

Through the years he developed his own style with an homage to his Nordic heritage and to modern technology. As a participant in symposia as well as having solo and joint exhibitions around the world he left a visible footprint on the world of wood working.

Jón's work is on permanent display at several locations in Iceland including A.O. in Keflavik

Contact Information:


Jón Adolf (+354)8966234


Finnbogi (+354) 8625151


Karin Esther (+354) 8419603


Visiting address Gallery 16C:

Dalvegur 16C, Kópavogur